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Most business owners are too busy or lack the expertise to produce high-quality video and photo content for their business and worry about what to say and how they will look.

Our content creation agency offers end-to-end video and photography production services, from ideation to post-production and guidance, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

At Brown Fox Creative House, we specialise in paying particular attention to detail so you get more of your ideal clients and grow your business.

Brisbane Content Creation Agency. Based in Australia, servicing worldwide.

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Let’s unpack more about
who you are and what
you want out of your
video or photo content.

Preparation Begins

We will touch base again,
review the plan, fully scope
out your project, and ensure
a seamless production.

Content Completed

Grow your business and
attract your ideal clients with
eye-catching videos and photos.



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Let's get started!

The Brown Fox Experience


We start by getting to know you and discovering your vision and goals. Nothing moves forward without establishing whether video is a good fit for where you want your business to go.


Before filming anything, we'll take the time to create the strategy behind the videos that we need to make with you. We'll reverse engineer the goals that you have and identify the videos that need to be made.


After strategising a video project, we're with you through every step of production to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience! Our aim with each video is to capture authenticity and show people the genuine experience of working with you.


Finally, we help you use and implement the video assets that we just created together. We will work with your in-house marketing team, your ad/marketing agency, or recommend one of our own trusted partners to help you with the distribution of your new video assets.

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